FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the new Palos Heights website.

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the new website for The City of Palos Heights.

What makes this site different from the old site?

The short answer is - alot.

We've build the new website on a propritery hybrid mobile-responsive platform that functions on all devices: Desktops, Laptops, iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, Android Phones, and pretty much any smart device that uses one of the major website browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer).

What are the new features in the site?

If you are a resident of Palos Heights, or work in Palos Heights and have frequented the old site, you'll notice that the navigation has significantly improved. We've broken things into easily navigatible categories – City/Government, Residents, Businesses, News and Information, and Special Events. Within each of those major categories, we've culled the latest content to display within those primary categories. Additionally, you'll notice an all-new "Deals" section - but more about that later...

Should I create a user profile for the site? If so, why?

As a resident of Palos Heights (or someone that works in Palos Heights), creating a user profile will allow you to interact with the new website in a fully customizable way. With the addition of city businesses advertising special offers to residents, you'll have the ability to receive notices from the businesses you'd like to follow the instant they are posted. With more than 190 businesses in town, we're sure you'll find plenty of things that suit your taste. And - there's nothing better than supporting local businesses within your town! Also, registering allows you to share any deals you see with your friends that may be interested as well - all through a simple click of a button!

If I own a business in town, what's in it for me?

Palos Heights is home to more than 15,000 people - all living within a three-mile radius of where your business is located. Hyper-local marketing (reaching people in your own backyard of where your business is) has become one of the most difficult markets to access for small businesses. Those businesses that have primarily relied on a Facebook Business page to announce their offerings and deals have noticed over the past three years that the audience you've work so hard to build has become nearly unreachable without paying for pay-per-view/click ads. And, if you're unfamiliar with how to go about creating a successful Facebook campaign, a lot of your time and money are being spent with limited R.O.I. The new Palos Heights website will put your business front-and-center to your local residents. You'll spend less time and less money worring about reaching your target audience and more time concentrating on providing your existing and new customers the exceptional service you've been providing all this time - we just help you promote it much easier.

My business doesn't have a website, so how will I get noticed?

We realize that may of the businesses in town don't have a presence on the Internet for their business, or, many that do don't have a properly mobile-friendly website. To address this, we've created custome business profile pages that not only allow you to list your hours of operations, your location, a company bio, and link to a website, but we've also added direct integration with Instagram for those of you that have an account. Just tie your Instagram into your business profile and anytime you post on Instagram, your image will automatically update on your profile page. It's that simple.

Will advertising on the site be free?

While advertising for your business will not be free, it will be extremely economical as well get things launched. Based on previous analytics of the old website, we expect traffic to the Palos Heights website to be triple of what it was - with an ultimate (albeit conservative) goal of averaging 120,000 monthly page views. As businesses continue to post offers on the site, residents will increase their usage of the site because you are providing someone of value to them. A complete ad rate package will be created and availble to send to you if you are interested in advertising your business. For now though, we ask that those businesses interested in verifying their business information click on THIS LINK to register their business.

Is the new Palos Heights website SEO-friendly?

Not only SEO friendly, but it has been built by a team of Entrepreneurs and Engineers that build 6-figure Tech Startup Websites for themselves and clients across the country. Our core staff learned SEO from one of the most highly regarded SEO pioneers in the world – someone that is considered a top 10 expert and has authored a famous plugin and SEO Modeling environment with over 1,000,000 users. Our decades of experience with SEO have been built into the site to benefit the city, it's businesses and residents.

How often will content on the website be updated?

As new information, news and events happen, we'll immediately post the information on the site. For businesses, within one minute of creating you offer, it will be live on the website. This means that as special opportunities arise for your business, you can quickly log in to your business account, create an ad, and have the public know about it 60 seconds later - and you don't have to do it from behind a desk on a laptop or computer - you can do it from a cell phone, even if you are half-way across the country!

Who can I contact about advertising my business to reach 15,000+ people daily?

Simply click on this link, fill out the information, and our local marketing and website company will be in contact with you.