Recycling Information

by The City of Palos Heights

The City receives many inquiries from residents on how and/or where they can dispose of certain items, such as CFL bulbs, batteries, oil-based paint, etc. Our staff always tries to help residents find a disposal site and we would like to share a Recycling Center Directory website we have found to be extremely useful and easy to use: You simply type in the item you want to dispose of, enter your zip code, and the closest location(s) will appear on the screen. This website also answers many questions about household hazardous waste, recycling, and much more.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) also provides useful information as well as collection sites for household hazardous waste and electronic waste recycling. Please visit and search under Citizens Information.

The most frequently asked question we receive is “where can we dispose of old T.V’s and/or electronics”. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to find locations that will take TV’s or electronics because they contain mercury and lead which has to be carefully removed before recycling. If you are willing to pay a fee to dispose of them, contact AVA Recycling (Computer Greeks) located at 12222 S. Harlem Avenue, phone 708-304-3170.

City Hall has containers to dispose of the following: Unused or expired prescription and non-prescription drugs (items not accepted include sharps, inhalers, thermometers, ointments), eyeglasses and hearing aids.

Lake Katherine offers a number of opportunities for residents to recycle which includes: ink cartridges, eyeglasses, paper/cardboard, cans and bottles, clothing, and textiles. For more information, visit their website at

Location: 7607 West College Drive Palos Heights, IL 60463