2017-18 Vehicle Stickers

by The City of Palos Heights

Vehicle License Renewal Forms were mailed on May 22.  Please wait until you receive this form before purchasing your sticker(s).  Check the renewal form for accurate information.  If there are any changes, simply cross out the old information and write in the correct information.

Payment Options: You can mail in your renewal form along with a check using the envelope enclosed and your sticker(s) will be mailed to you upon receipt; you may use E-Pay on the City website www.palosheights.org and your sticker(s) will be mailed to you; or you can bring the renewal form to City Hall where you can pay by cash, check or credit/debit card.

If you are a new resident, you will need to complete an application form to obtain your vehicle sticker(s). Forms are available to download from the City’s website at www.palosheights.org, or you can use E-Pay which is also located on the City’s website, or you can make a visit to City Hall.

If you have any questions or did not receive a renewal form, please call 361-1800. City Hall hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Text Box: Vehicle stickers must be purchased and displayed 
by midnight June 30, 2017.  Please do so in order to avoid late charges or chance getting ticketed.