Waste Hauler Contract

by The City of Palos Heights

ATTENTION RESIDENTS: The City of Palos Heghts recently engaged in the process of Request for Proposals (RFP) for the City's waste hauling services. Although there appeared to be much interest, only 2 proposals were received. After careful review of the proposals and keeping the resident's best interest in mind, the City Council voted to approve the 5-year contract with Republic Services which will be effective September 1. Residents will benefit from the new contract in several ways: 1.) there will be no change in the pcik-up day for waste and recycling, 2.) residents will see an approximate 4.5% decrease in thier bill over the 5-year period, 3.) seniors will receive a 10% discount with verification (application attached), and 4.) there will be two (2) E-Waste Collection Days per year (residents will be notified of the dates, time, and location). Attention seniors, please fill out the attached discount application form and send directly to Republic Services in order to receive the discount.