School Closings

In cases of bad weather or dangerous road conditions, school closings or early dismissals will be announced in the local media. The following radio and television stations are useful to inform parents of such closings as quickly and in as wide an area as possible.

Radio Televison
 WMAQ 670 AM  CBS Channel 2
 WGN 720 AM  WMAQ Channel 5
 WBBM 780 AM  WLS Channel 7
WLS 890 AM  WGN Channel 9
 WKKD 1580 AM / 95.9 FM  FOX Channel 32
 WBIG 1280 AM  WGBO Channel 66
 WSPY/WAUR 930 AM / 107.1 FM  CLTV -- Cable
WPFB 1610 AM (Naperville)  


Other stations also regularly broadcast school closings, and several of these stations are covered by computerized notification systems. Please be aware that while closing information is given to the stations as quickly as possible, it is at the discretion of each station to decide when and whether it airs the notifications.

Parents can find out about their child's specific school by calling the Emergency Closing Center Hotline at 1-900-407-SNOW (1-900-407-7669). Begin by dialing the Hotline number, then enter the school's main phone number, beginning with the area code. The call costs .95 cents per minute and must be made by parents. Phone calls should be less than one minute per facility. Information for additional schools can be obtained by staying on the line and entering the area code and the main number of the school.

School Phone Number
Navajo School - School District 128 (708) 448-0060
Chippewa School - School District 128 (708) 385-3269
Independence Jr. High - School District 128 (708) 448-0737
School District 128 - Administrative Office (708) 448-0060
Palos East Elementary School - School District 118 (708) 448-1084
Palos South Middle School - School District 118 (708) 448-5971
School District 118 - Administrative Office (708) 448-4800
Alan B. Shepard High School - School District 218 (708) 371-1111
Amos Alonzo Stagg High School - School District 230 (708) 974-3300
Incarnation School (708) 385-6250
Palos Evangelical Lutheran (708) 448-2260
St. Alexander's Catholic School (708) 448-4861
Stone Church Christian Academy (708) 385-7717
Chicago Christian High School (708) 388-7650