The Palos Heights Police Department has partnered with ASDwithME, LLC to provide people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other invisible disabilities with a simple avenue for indicating to first responders and others that they may have difficulties communicating, may display behaviors, or may be experiencing various symptoms during an encounter. 

ASDwithME founder Justin Houcek created a window sticker and small card intended to be kept with a vehicle's insurance card that can be used to help alert officers, first responders, or others that the driver or an occupant my have ASD or another invisible disability, such as bipolar disorder, personality disorders, hearing or visual impairments, diabetes, seizures, etc.

The sticker/card set is available for free at the Palos Heights Police Department.  The sticker is designed to be placed on a window, or anywhere else, that a first responder may be able to see it or be directed to at the beginning of an encounter.  The card is small enough to keep in a glove box, console, or even in a wallet, and can be handed to an officer to help indicate that the driver or an occupant may have ASD or another invisible disability/condition.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in getting the sticker/card set, please contact or come to the Palos Heights Police Station.

For more information on ASDwithME, Justin Houcek, or the resources and services available through ASDwithME, please visit their website at

ASD Sticker